Comodo application agent not running.

On startup comodo firewall is indicating application agent is not running,i am not sure if i am safe online or how to force application agent to run,any help is welcome,thanks in advance.

I have the same problem, taht started 2-days after your problem started.

Diagnostics is not able to fix it. ??? Does anyone out there have a fix for it, without reloading comodo?

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Pull up your Task Manager, select Services. Check to see if cmdAgent is running.
In Processes, check to see if Communications_Helper.exe is running. If not, please start it.
failing that, a clean install will be required.

Hi all

I’m a newbie to Comodo and had the same problem. A search came up with this post in the forums….and it worked for me. Thank you jrdorock

posted by jrdorock

I got the same problem and I fix it following the steps bellow:

  1. Run services.msc
  2. Right click on “COMODO Firewall Pro Helper Service” and choose properties
  3. Select “logon” tab and enable the service for the hardware profile
  4. Select the general tab and start the service
  5. Go to directory “C:\program files\COMODO\Firewall” and run cmdagent.exe
  6. Close CFP on tray and start it again