comodo application agent is not running

what does it mean when it says that comodo application agent is not running?

that is coming up on my comodo, please help .

thank you.


Hi mtrekster

CFP has a Windows service called “COMODO Firewall Pro Helper Service” (cmdagent.exe). I suspect this is what CFP means by the application agent. Not a good thing. Trying a reboot is the first thing you should try, unless you got the message on a reboot. Failing that, assuming you have the latest version of CFP, open CFP and go to the Miscellaneous tab & select the “Diagnostics” option. Hopefully, that can identify the problem & resolve it.

Why it happened is a different story/problem… has any other software been installed recently? Any tweaking tools run? Any errors from CFP? Also check the Windows Event log for any clues.

if anything, i may try a new install of windows xp sp2 with comodo firewall.
just have to get a list of what i had on in case there are errors that came up.

all this happened with hte comodo initalization.

then again, i may just try a new comodo version (have latest installed)

Go to Control Panel> Administrative Tools> Services and right click COMODO Firewall Pro Helper Service and go to properties.

Make sure the startup type is automatic and the service has started.