Comodo Application Agent Error-v. 5.0.163652.1142

Hello. I am getting the application agent error on my Comodo Ver. 5.0.163652.12142 It says to run the diagnostics and then says the error is repaired and I “MIGHT” need to reboot…? what gives-either I need to reboot or I don’t? Nevertheless, I have rebooted many times and still, the same error comes up-BTW, this error comes up on the Comodo icon in the taskbar and then I go to the “MORE” tab in the program and run the diagnostics from there. It appears to not be doing anything to correct the problem! This problem only started after updating to the latest version of Comodo…

I did a search for this problem and did not see a solution posted about how to repair this issue.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


I have the same problem! Please, help! :frowning:

More people, with the same problem:

Have we to wait some fix?