Comodo Appears to be Causing my Computer to Crash

Hey everyone. This is not a rant. I am a big fan of Comodo and a big supporter of the company’s endeavors. I use Comodo on my Windows 7 Desktop (built by myself in 2008) as well as on my Android phone and tablet. Unfortunately, I have a Windows 8 laptop that dislikes Comodo.

Anytime I do ANYTHING with Comodo, the computer freezes up completely. It gets so badly locked up that the only way to get anything to change is to manually turn off the laptop. I bought the laptop in December of 2014 and have had Comodo installed without any issues up until about March 6th. On March 6th, Comodo failed to update. There were no error messages, but every time it got to 18%-23% into installing the downloaded files, the entire OS would lock up. I thought that perhaps the update was bad. Since I did not have much on it, and because other ideas failed, I wiped the computer clean and restored it to factory condition. I then reinstalled Comodo and everything was good again for two days. Unfortunately, this morning on March 9th, the same thing happened. I had time to do more experimenting. The computer runs well as long as Comodo doesn’t start. The only other antivirus I have on the computer is the free edition of Malwarebytes, but since it is not a program that starts on its own, I don’t think there is any conflict.

I am about to do another experiment. I am in the process of wiping the laptop clean (again). I’m going to install a free version of Mcafee (better than nothing I guess!) I am going to see if I still run into the same issue. I’ll keep everyone posted in case anyone is curious about the outcome. Of course, I will continue to use Comodo on all my other electronics. :slight_smile:

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I wanted to give an update. I did some further troubleshooting and I have determined that there is a problem with the hard drive. This means that Comodo was not responsible for crashing the computer. I didn’t want to post the logs until I was sure that it was Comodo. The computer is still under warranty, and I’ll send it to HP so they can replace the hard drive.

Thanks for the update. I am glad you were able to figure out the cause of your computer crashes.