Comodo Antivirus Won't uninstall or Install ?

Tried to uninstall the free Antivirus and the uninstaller just hung half way through the process. Now there is no uninstall option in windows 7 and a trying to install the program again just keeps saying restart computer and it won’t install.

How can I get this uninstalled and start fresh?

Please help me. Thanks.

Hi and welcome felloffthetruck,
There is some advice in the link below consisting of using removal tools which may help with the failed uninstall.
Most Effective Way to Reinstall/Update CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems

Kind regards.

Thank you, sticks.
I got it uninstalled. I have reinstalled it and now it won’t start. I’m ready to give up here.

When I restart the computer it says Comodo was unable to start.

Do you have any other active security products installed that could be interfering with the installation?
Uninstallers (removal tools) for common Windows antivirus software-Eset


Nothing. It looked like Comodo installed fine but just will not start.

I can advise you to make so:
You have a Total Commander?

After removal you need search in Total Comander.

  1. To make search in the word - Comodo.
    To delete everything that is connected with a word -Comodo (CIS).
    Note: If you can’t remove the folder - let me know.

2 . You can work with the register?
To make search in the word - Comodo.
To delete everything that is connected with Comodo ( CIS ).
Also: Search -
As then to give a mark - to Look for only a line…

It is necessary to change access rights for register branches.
Where to change access rights - an example: screenshot
If there are questions let know.

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