Comodo antivirus versus other antivirus

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To start I must applaud the Comodo team on the best product set I’ve ever seen. The firewall and defense + setup I have is phenomenal. I’ve used the windows firewall and various others from Mcafee and such but none allow customization to the extent that the Comodo Firewall does. Add on top of that the HIPS Defense + and I haven’t had a single problem since I used it. Default deny is a wonderful thing…but I digress…

What is the difference between using Comodo’s anti-virus versus a stand-alone such as Microsoft security Essentials?

I ask this because I could not find anything to suggest that either one is better than the other. I’ve looked at the antivirus tests for a lot of them…but I suppose all that tells me is how big of a blacklist each has anyway. I know no antivirus is 100% effective and that the best strategy is to not get infected in the first place…but even so I can’t help but wonder if there is some major difference with Comodo’s antivirus that sets it apart from others I’m missing. I suppose in the end it doesn’t matter too much as long as the antivirus is competent and the user has security in place before unknown applications and files even hit the antivirus…but still I’d like to know :slight_smile:

Why do I care so much you may ask? Well I find enjoyment in testing all the various programs on the web ranging from the most well known vendors to the tiny not so well known ones. It’s quite fun as I learn new things every day :slight_smile:

If you’re curious I’m already using Comodo Firewall with Defense + (beefed up a bit of course).Anything that gets past that has to go through my MSE + Malawarebytes pro combination. I’ve thrown quite a lot at the setup there and they all work together perfectly 8)

If I said anything wrong feel free to correct me as nothing makes me happier than learning more about the way these programs function :smiley:

Well Comodo AV has better signatures, it has better heuristics and it use cloud as well. MSE don’t have cloud, it has basic signatures and it does not really use heuristics as such. But because of that MSE don’t get any FP while Comodo might. But you are safer with Comodo AV with viruses in the ‘wild’.

MSE or security “essential” will only provide you protection with signatures and Behavior Blocker since version 2.0. But CIS is a complete internet security suite for free ;D and that’s why it is more powerfull than MSE or any other … Btw Seany007 said why CIS is superior.

As Seany007 and Spywar said the av in Cis is superior in many ways and recent tests and in my personal tests have proved it in terms of pure detection.Cis av is up there with the supposed best and has proved better than some dual engine products in recent tests…and why have a seperate app draining more resources?.

I would suggest giving Cis Av a trial and maybe do some testing yourself against Microsoft essentials and i am sure you will agree after that the Av is CIS will do a better job,

Also you will get fewer alerts from D+ in Cis because Comodos Av will catch many of the malwares missed by Microsoft essentials and only then with certain zero day malware that Cis av misses will the D+ kick in and alert you.

Just my opinion mind you give it a go and make your own mind up.


Thanks for the replys :smiley:

I decided to give it a whirl and installed the full Comodo package as it were…and after scanning my 1mil+ objects :o it finally settled down in task manager with about 2,000K less memory than MSE by itself.
Pretty nice start considering it also cut boot time a little according to Soluto.

I did a bit of testing against the setup too after configuring the antivirus a little. The antivirus was good at detecting for sure, but as I don’t have a huge arsenal of malware samples I can’t judge to harshly either way :smiley:

End result being it did as good as I would expect it too…and I feel pretty darn safe with the whole Comodo arsenal and malwarebytes pro complementing it :a0

Good set-up… Can’t beat that ;D :-TU


That’s exactly my setup too…
You can add K9 Web Protection if you want to.