Comodo Antivirus User Rights


We are using windows 2000 and windows XP in a Windows server 2000 Domain.

I have administrator rights and have installed Comodo Antivirus with sucess. Everything works fine.

The normal use of the workstations is with user rights.

Is any way of permiting the Comodo Antivirus to update automaticaly with user rights? or Is it possible to update Comodo Antivirus without beying administrator?

Thank-you for any comments.

Best regards.

Hello, Welcome to the forums (:HUG) CAVS3 is currently in BETA and should be out very soon! Search for “CIS RC 2” This includes updates to the firewall component\defense+ and the new cavs3 which is very much improved. You can install individual components or mix them up. As for the updating, Hope someone else cna help you there :slight_smile:

Hi Hugo

Although I’m not on a domain (home computer), I am using a limited account under XP. If updates are available tonight (when I get home from work), I’ll let you know how I get on. If it doesn’t work, I’ll add a request into the wishlist ;).


Manual update went fine under a limited account (452 to 455). I couldn’t see a setting for the Antivirus to update automatically but I’m guessing it should as the manual update worked.