Comodo Antivirus + Updater wont update.

It all worked perfectly fine till i moved yesterday and got a new ip, so i reinstalled comodo just to make sure (wich turned out to make it even worse because i got errors on startup after the fresh installation, coulden’t uninstall it anymore (the uninstaller just didn’t work) so i went into regedit, deleted all comodo related data and deleted the folders and app data. Reinstalled it and now it atleast starts again) but it just won’t update, wen i try the virus update it hangs on 5% or sometimes on 30% and then just gives me an error that it coulden’t update, if i try to run the Comodo Updater i get a “Error 106: Update could not be completed. Not able to connect to the internet, please check your internet connection settings”. Well i obviously am connected to the internet because well, im here now aiint I :P.

I seriously have no clue how to fix this. Never really had problems with comodo before (next to the endless loop on startup bug there was a while back).

My OS is Win XP.
Product version: 3.13.121240.574 (just the one you can download)
And virus database version is 1 obviously since i can’t download anything.
Other things i run on the background are Threatfire and Peerblock wich both aren’t blocking comodo.

Someone please help. I ran out of ideas.

I have the same problem and can’nt find any solution. :cry:
Who else are knwon with this?
Is the problem comodo itself?

I have a new computer. fresh install of Vista basic and comodo both done today. No other security installed.
Update sometimes reaches 5% and sometimes 30% both results fail with different reasons.
The other post I have found dont offer any fixes that work so it seems to be an ongoing problem.
I will persist for a little while but if not I guess the only option will be another antivirus (hopefully the firewall updates), which would be a real shame as I was attracted to install Comodo for the combined firewall and antivirus.

Well since im not the only one i think it’s a flaw in the server or something then. The updater worked once and sayed there weren’t any program updates but still the virus database doesen’t work.
I downloaded the virus database from the 16th of december from some other post and worked that one in while in Safe-mode so atleast im a little bit protected but still the anti-virus updater hangs on tops 30%

Update only goes to 30% then stops! How to fix this problem? running win xp.

THere was a problem with the update servers earlier but that is fixed by now.

Saintj. Uninstall CIS, reboot, use this clean up tool and install again. Does that do the trick for you?

At Jerry. Did you do a fresh installation? After a fresh install CIS needs to download approx 102 MB worth of av defintions. That can take a while depending on your connection. Please check the progress under Firewall → Common Tasks → View Active connection and check cmdagent.exe.

Most probably it doesn’t stop. Go to Firewall → View Active Connections and you’ll see the inbound data for the cmdagent. The answer is porbably in the FAQ already.