Comodo Antivirus stopping a game from playing

I have comodo installed and have never had any issues, until I tried to play one of the games from pogo. Its one you pay for separatley and download and then play online, it is called Picktureka Museum Mayhem.
I bought it over 2 months ago and I had no issues with comodo blocking it. Now Comodo anitvirus is stating it is a “unclassified malware” and keeps putting it in quaratine.
I dont know how to stop it from doing this or to let the program know that it is a safe application.
I tried to restore and even uninstalled the game and re-installed and it still does the same thing.
Is there something I can do to override this or to set Comodo to know this is safe.
Thank you for your help
Happy Holidays!

Have you tried AntiVirus → Scanner Settings → Exclusions → Add?

I had not tried that, but I did at it still is detecting it as unclassified malware, I just bought another game on Pogo a new bowling game and I am not having any problems with that game.
I might have to go to a new program
Not sure what else to do
Thank you for your reply
Other ideas?