COMODO Antivirus on FEDORA 21 64-bit

Just fresh installed Fedora 21 x64 Workstation. Can you guide me on how to install COMODO correctly. I followed this guide but the CAV still tells me that is not the good filesystem driver.

Well anyone?

The guide you referenced is good. I can give you some hints.

  1. update and restart the comp to start with the new kernel:
#yum update
  1. install additional packages required to recompile the kernel
#yum install gcc gcc-c++ libgcc "kernel-devel-uname-r == $(uname -r)"
  1. download and install the corresponding CAV package for your system from
  1. download driver.tar corresponding to your kernel version from:
  1. copy driver.tar to /opt/COMODO, overwriting the old file - root required
cp driver.tar /opt/COMODO
  1. run post_setup script
  1. run diagnostic script

works like a charm

Thanks Comodo team.