Comodo antivirus my suggestions

Hello, I want to pay for the program sugestio Comodo Antivirus.

  1. Moved on to something interface similar to that of Comodo Av 2 Beta.
    2.Wprowadzenie Comodo Av as a separate program, not IS.
    Antivirus icon 3.Zmiana because it looks like this with a firewall … This may be the main window on the top antivirus.
    4.Scan Post in flight …
    5.Przebudowanie Defense +, because ignorant user can click and allow the virus to run for example …
    6.wysyłanie all files for analysis and those packed.
    7.Comodo Web Guard and Heuristic (I know that it will be added to the program in 2009)

PS I have a question about whether the program is attached module Boclean memory and a firewall?, If you can not add them and become more efficient in the fight against malware:)

sorry my english is bad:) (R)

Hi commander and Welcome to the Forums!

I will try be as precise English as possible for you.

  1. You moved on to Comodo Antivirus v3.
  2. Comodo Internet Security includes the Firewall & AntiVirus. You can also install these programs stand a lone on clean PC, Or you can off course install the entire Suite.
  3. The AntiVirus Screen does look like the Firewall, You’re right.
  4. Comodo Antivirus scans everything on-access (Real time protection), It scans your Memory & Hard Drive REAL fast, and you will hardly notice any performance impact.
  5. This is true, but we are here to help resolve that and reverse it - It’s quite simple to resolve, And anyway usability will improve in the future for less pop ups.
  6. It’s already done…
  7. Heuristics will be in soon.

BOClean will be added in the future and also Memory Firewall. The Firewall is already included if you install the entire Suite.


8.scan registry keys, it probably is not the option to scan this chapter of keys and files.
9.analyze HijackThis log and the ability to put the logs from the center analysis Comodo

give us a time frame if possible on when these will be added Thanks

Comodo are trying to do a release by the end of the year…


Looking forward to what Santa Claus has in store for us…