Comodo Antivirus making my PC slow

Why is that my PC’s become slow every time i open a program, a browser specially during startup after i install my Comodo Antivirus? by the way, i trust CAVS thats why even it makes my PC’s perormance slow, i use to continue using it. Any help Guys why CAVS making my PC’s slow? my OS is WINDOWS XP SP2 and WINDOWS XP SP3

i guess you have cavs 2 beta?your best bet is to wait for cavs 3 cavs 2 is not being improved anymore theres better free ones out there(avast,avg,avira)until version 3 is released,best bet uninstall it.

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There are a couple of things that I can think of causing the slowdown. Try disabling email scanning and see if that makes any difference, and try disabling HIPS application control. Try these two things first and if one or both make a difference then we will troubleshoot from there.


I have cavs installed too on my pc, it has windows xp service pack 3. I see in the task manager it uses a lot of processes combined all together they use over 50MB! that very much system resources use!!! The strange thing is, that I see 2 times the process cavs.exe!?! That can’t be good! The scanning also is not very fast… the build-in scan engine of the firewall is way better!! I also notices system slow down… when I uninstalled all of my security apps… The majority of them were Comodo security apps, my system was very fast!!! I really fell in love again with my pc! now with the firewall and cavs installed it is slower, not too slow, but still slower…

I also see the database covers only about 200.00 known malware pieces… this does not sound much too me, in fact it is disappointing me…

I use cavs beta 2, but I see light at the end of the tunnel… CAVS 3 should be and I hope will be 3 times or more better than cavs 2…

Thank u Guys for all ur reply’s.

There are lots of little work-arounds for getting CAVS 2 to work well on your system.

CAVS 3 will be a significant improvement. In fact, the whole scanning engine had been redesigned. Just look at the one that comes with CPF 3! The scanning engine that will be with CAVS will actually be even faster!

We’ve had lots of little bits of information on CAVS 3 which is scheduled to come out later this year.

In the meantime, CAVS 2 is a good product and free for even business use. I use it in conjunction with BoClean and comodo memory firewall.


Hi Eric!

I’m using a Windows vista can you advise what I am going to do if I uninstall my AVAST HOME EDITION ANTIVIRUS since i do not like Avast to be a part of my PC? By the way, Thanks for your reply and hope to hear from you again

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There are some work arounds for getting CAVS to work on Vista though I’ve not personally investigated this.

If you’re not a fan of Avast, then try “Antivir Free” which can be found in the list here:

or even better, take advantage of 1 of the free trials here:

You can get Full Antivir Premium for 6 months on there.

I wish I had better suggestions at the moment.


That doesn’t work any more; you get 1 month license which is pointless (new versions have 1 month trial). The following ones still work:

3 months license for Avira Antivir Premium
3 months license for Avira Premium Security Suite

Hi Eric & doktornotor

(:WAV) Thank-u for the reply. as of now i will stick to AVAST because it runs on a LOW CPU USAGE on my CELERON 2.13 Processor, 765-MB of Ram, with WD HIGH SPEED SATA DRIVE with a combination of 4-GB of ReadyBoost Backup. i will rather wait for Comodo Antivirus-3 to come out. my Broadband provider recommends AVAST. Can you guys gave me an idea when is Comodo Antivirus-3 will become available? Oh, before I forget… AVAST! starts First during Bootup than my Comodo Firewall Pro-3 and BoClean. Until now, i just wonder how those ROOTKITS infiltrate my PC without receiving any Alert from my Firewall Pro-3 and BoClean. I suspect that those ROOTKITS are designed to elude any Firewalls or anti-rootkits out there. But Still, I Trust Comodo.

Have a nice Day Guys :■■■■

DoctorNotor, the links do work still. You will get a 6 month trial :slight_smile:


Yeah, they do work. No, you won’t get 6 months license.

This [b]one month[/b] Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Premium promotion is exclusively for the readers of ComputerActive and Personal Computer World.

CPF3 automatically protects you from inbound threats from boot-up. BoClean runs several checks when it starts up. For added protection go into the Defense+ settings by clicking on the “Clean PC” or “SafeMode” that’s underlined on the main CPF Page. In the pop-up, put a tick next to: “Block all unknown requests if the application is closed”


Thank You Eric (:WAV) for your reply.

I configure my CFP3 Powerfully I’ve done what you said (Block all the unknown request if the application is closed) but still that modifications of my CFP3 doesn’t workout to protect my Pc last day from Rootkits. A combination of Comodo Memory Firewall, Comodo Firewall Pro-3 and, BoClean is Good but… it consumes A LOT of CPU USAGE even on my Dual Core Pc that’s why I uninstalled my Memory Firewall. I hope, CAVS-3 operates on a LESS CPU USAGE. As of now, I’m currently using COMODO FIREWALL PRO-3, COMODO BoCLEAN and, AVAST! HOME EDITION ANTI VIRUS.

:THNK Good Day Guys :■■■■

There is a fair bit of tweaking you can do in CPF 3 including specifying specific directories / registry points to protect. In CMF or safesurf you can exclude other comodo / security products from it which makes things a little faster but whatever solution works best for you, is fine. I’m just here to help out in whatever way I can.


Hello Eric…

I Exclude CFP3 and All AVAST! in my BoCLEAN and immediately installed a CMF after rebooting but… you know what?! Things happen again and worst! my Pc is too much slow thats why i exclude All components of CFP3, All components of BoCLEAN and, All components of AVAST! at CMF excluder setting and reboot my PC but nothing improves! my CFP3 is not responding, my Flash Video is slowing and worst? my CPU USAGE is ALWAYS 100% I exclude all Running Programs found in CMF but nothing happens with my PC. I decided to uninstall my CMF and after rebooting, my PC didn’t back to its normal performance! I suspect that my HIGH SPEED SATA DISK got errors after uninstalling CMF that why I Scheduled my disk for a DISK CLEANUP and a CHECK DISK Run… Check Disk found errors made by CMF and automatically corrected. Why is this happened? After booting, my PC runs smoothly again. I have a XP Pc here with CAVS-2.0, CFP-3, BoCLEAN ang CMF installed on it… so why is that my Xp Pc’s performance didn’t experienced so much slowing down? Hmmmm… can you explain why those program (excluding Cavs-2.0) slowing my Vista Pc? any ways, my XP and VISTA has the same Specification. I hope you guys give me some idea of Installing CMF without slowing my system. (:SAD)

Use Comodo SafeSurf instead of CMF. It’s essentially a more stable version of CMF and newer generation.

CAVS 2 has never been Vista Compatible. See below quote from the antivirus download page.


[u][b]* Windows 2000 (SP4) / Windows XP (SP1 or later)[/b][/u]
* 50 MB available hard drive space on your computer
* 128 MB RAM
* Intel Pentium 300 mhz processor (or equivalent)

It is possible to run it on Vista but I think you’ll need to run the Program Campatability Wizard.

The other questions are whether or not you use the CAVS 2 HIPS Element and whether or not you ran the User Profiled Safelist when you installed it.

It may also be the case that the Vista User Account Control (UAC) is somehow affecting it. The below link is information on how to, at least, get CPF 3 and UAC to play together nicely and/or might give some advice with regards to CAVS 2 and UAC.


Hello Eric!

I did not tell you that I use CAVS 2.0 on my Vista it is very clear on my Latest reply on you here. anyways, on my XP Pc, CAVS 2.0 makes my PC very slow speacially on Racing Games (i do have 128MB Video Card) that do not require Video Card thats why i turn Off CAVS 2.0 every time I play. I hope CAVS 3.0 will be running on a LESS CPU USAGE on a Single Core Processor. A program that runs on a less cpu usage is an advantage specially to those Single Core Pc user. AVAST! HOME EDITION has a Web Scanner, do you think I need to Install CSF?

Thanks :■■■■