Comodo Antivirus macOS deleting Safari extensions?


After updating to macOS High Sierra 13.10.1, a problem began with my safari extensions. All my used extensions didn’t work anymore. It was also impossible to install them again. The message I would get was:

“The extension is no longer valid”

When booting into safe mode the problem was not occurring. After contacting apple support I deactivated Comodo Antivirus for macOS.

This now is the solution to keep my Safari extensions working.

Can you guys look into this? If you need more information from me, please let me know.

I have found a workaround.

For now I am using Sophos.


I have the exact same problem, with 10.13.2. The extensions work when the AV is disabled.

A quick solution would be greatly appreciated. It is really not practical to run the browser with AV disabled.

Further, this issue doesn’t seem to occur with other AV solutions, so it is most likely related to Comodo, and not OSX.