Comodo Antivirus Mac Yosemite

Just updated Macbook to Yosemite. Now Comodo Antiviurs (free) no longer working. It indicated “the virus scanner is not working properly”, but when trying to use "diagnostics’ nothing is happening. Updates the same - nothing happening. What is the problem with Yosemite and how can it be fixed?

I’ve got the same problem so interested in hearing the results from this … I’m guessing that yosemite may need a comodo update as the OS is obviously not supported yet … its a bit of a pain that the diagnostics doesn’t seem to work

Same over here…waiting :wink:

Same here… Does anyone know if Comodo teams are working on this or not or if there is an ETA? :cry:

Same issue here. Using latest update of COMODO.

Egemen stated in June:

That’s all that’s known at the moment.

Does anyone have any updates on this?? it would be really good to know how to update Comodo so that my MAC is protected…Has a rep from Comodo commented anywhere else on this obviously significant problem.

There is seriously no updates for this?

I’ve just recently became a new member of the Comodo community and I was disappointed to find out when I installed Comodo Anti-Virus that it just refuses to work on OS X 10.10 or later.

What is going on? Can we get a word from a Comodo official? Or? I’d love to use this software on my Macbook but what is the point if it doesn’t even work or protect me for that matter?

Perhaps removing the software and cleaning preferences/plists and reinstalling would help. Try checking for traces of Comodo in
~/Library/Application Data and ~/Library/Preferences

Yes Yes Yes - it is not working.
I have Mac Os X 10.10.2 - Comodo Antivirus updates the data base not from the first time. I had to press the update button for like 10 times so it would worked.
Also the Scan button - does not function.

Same here :frowning: I really don’t feel like switching back to Avast :frowning:

Nickosh and JWebb, i have tried both of your suggestions many many times.

It would appear to me (Sadly) that Comodo doesn’t really care about losing its MAC book customers or any future customers they may have recommended. I have switched back to Avast for all my network privacy and security needs, while not the most ideal, at least their customer support responded to the growing need for security on MAC’s.

Sorry Comodo, you have had over a year … REALLY REALLY DISAPPOINTED!!

By for now and maybe just maybe if one day Comodo gets a fix and someone posts it here I will think about switching back, but in a day in age where customer service responses are just a mouse click away, anything would be better than nothing at all.

Seriously ?

I just installed it on my MAC and getting “The virus scanner is not functioning properly!”

Run Diagnostics does nothing, Starting a scan doesn’t work…


I have the same issues with Comodo Antivirus for Mac & Yosemite. So it is back to ClamXav for me until this problem is patched.
ClamXav works just great with Yosemite and they update regularly.

same issue for me.
Anyone have news about this problem?

same issue here?