Comodo Antivirus is not recognise for windows segurity center

Comodo Antivirus is not recognise for windows segurity center how antivirus program.

(Spanish) El Centro de Seguridad de windows no reconoce comodo antivirus como aplicacion antivirus instalado.


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Currently windows does not recognise CAVS. From beta 2 (should be released 12th October) CAVS should be recognised.


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Why Windows Security Center(WSC) does not detect Comodo AntiVirus

SolutionThe Windows security centre(WSC) detects only those AntiVirus program who are Microsoft partner for AntiVirus.
Comodo AntiVirus (CAV) is waiting to join the Microsoft AntiVirus partner program.
Until then WSC will give you the warning message that “No AntiVirus program is installed on your system”.
Even though your system is protected with CAV.
You can ignore the WSC warning or you can turnoff the warning message using WSC settings

There is answers to my question in Knowledgebase Comodo Support.

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it is past october 12th and no new release yet?



The new date is 16th October for CAVS beta 2. Comodo are still fixing some bugs before the release to make it as stable as possible.


I’ve installed today and it still isn’t recognised by Security Centre - should it be now?

actuily microsoft only reconizes nonbeta software

I guess that’s why it’s still not detected even, just wait then.

If you have both Comodo Firewall and AntiVirus, you don’t need to have the Security Center service running. Infact, if you don’t need the ICS feature, you can safely shut down and disable/set to manual the Application Layer Gateway, Security Center and Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing services.
Should get rid of those annoying system messages :slight_smile: