Comodo Antivirus Free Commercial Use


I work in a small company and i was wondering if i can install Comodo Antivirus Free on the computers, without having any legal problems.I read the EULA but i couldn’t understand if i can use it or not.

Thank you!

Hi phalemi24, welcome to the forums.

Any part of CIS (including the AntiVirus) is free to anybody and everybody, including commercial entities such as yours.

It’s not called the Entirely Useless License Agreement for nothing! :wink: :smiley:

Hello kail and thank you for your fast reply and for clearin things out for me! I’m going to start installing the antivirus right away! :slight_smile:

Best of luck! :wink:

LE: Entirely true what you said about the EULA :smiley:

Good afternoon. Tell me, is this information relevant for 2017? Thank you.

This is from one of the Global Moderators, so go right ahead :slight_smile:

No its not thats why you shouldnt revive a 5 year old topic.