COMODO Antivirus for Mac 1.1.214829.106 Released!

Hello everyone,

We are excited to announce that COMODO Antivirus 1.1 for Mac has just been released! Thank you very much for feedback during the beta testing.

What is CAV for Mac?

CAV for Mac, as its name implies, an end-user antivirus product for Mac operating systems. It features:

  • Manual Antivirus scanning
  • Scheduled Antivirus scanning
  • Realtime virus scanning with stateful file inspection
  • Native Mac OS X Drag n Drop support introduced in many places
  • And much more like CAV for windows.

Supported Operating Systems:
Mac OS X 10.5,10.6 and 10.7 on Intel machines.

Download Location:
Size: 20.1M(21140445)

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Congrats with this milestone! the first official public non Windows release :-TU

:■■■■ for the whole team.

Congrats guys! this is a great step forward!

Congrats, helping to secure the web more and more… Now bring on Linux and Android ;D

We are guarding Mac OS X! :P0l


Any info about an official website for this great and extremely important release?
Im really proud to be part of this community.

Comodo ROCKS!

Important question too:
Does the database include only windows viruses, or it also includes Mac OS viruses?
I believed there should be a quote somewhere in the software (maybe in the “about” section, specifying how many viruses for Mac are included in the database, so people understand how COMODO its working specifically for this OS.

sorry to bother anyone but I can not get Comodo Antivirus for MAC to install, it says " Unable to unarchive into downloads".

Me too, I had the same problem.

Looks like “Archive” cannot do the unzip job correctly (probably for the way that Comodo zipped the DMG file). Use better “The” which is a very good built-in archive unpacker program and a more capable.

You can download “The Unarchiver” and unzip Comodos file with this app.

That shouldn’t be necessary though, it should install with the build in archiver.

Try to unzip the Comodos file with Archive Utility. You wont be able to do that.
It gives an error.

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Are you having enough permissions to do this? It clearly posts ‘Not permitted’ in the error.
Can you try this with root permissions?

My user is root (as default).
I follow exactly the same procedure with “The Unarchiver” and get not error message.

Either way, I just posted the solution for Antivirus fanatic, who asked what was wrong.
I am not having any problem with “The Unarchiver”. I already installed the app.

My user is root, I will install The Unarchiver and download comodo antivirus again.

Thanks to everyone for helping me out :slight_smile: The install went perfectly and I really like Comodo, I am planning to switch to Comodo Internet Security on my PC once my Norton subscription runs out.

Number one :-TU

When will IS come to Mac? D+ and the firewall begin to get essential since Mac’s web application firewall is not enough and d+ will monitor the rest. Make CIS for make as well :slight_smile:

Congratulations 88)

It’s very hard to make a HIPS for other OS… you have to know about it, comodo should then make big whitelist also for mac os (with windows there are problems already) and there aren’t as many viruses as for Windows - IMO there is no need for D+.

There is need for d+. the whitelist has be adjust to just to mac.

of what I have read 20% for CIS cold has to be rewritten/changed so that it fits the OS (if a programmer programs a program for a certain OS, 20% of it code that was made for the specific OS, has to be changed in order to fit the other wanted OS.). If I were Comodo I would program in Java since most the source code is interpreted the same independent from the OS. If I write system.out.println(“Hey there…”) I means the same in all OS because Java Virtual machine takes care of the how the instructions should be executed. They surely use Java ME since they plan to make AV/IS for smartphones.

I have downloaded it and my fiancee’s mac will be secured. Finally AV with realtime protection :slight_smile: Keep it up