Comodo antivirus for linux.

I have a laptop with the linux system xubuntu (ubuntu 12.04-precise) on it and installed comodo antivirus for linux.

Now I have the following problem:

When I open the main screen ,there is on the left side:
filesystem filter driver is not loaded.

When I start the diagnose I get an error screen (see attachement) :

The kernel module ´avfit.ko’ appropriate for your current
kernel version does not exist , please run
/opt/COMODO/ to install it. Then run
“/etc/init.d/cmdavd restart” command to restart your cmdavd service.

Please, can you tell me how can I solve this problem .???

Take care and be safe ,

Robert Drop
the Netherlands.

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Have a look at the thread directly below yours :wink:

Hi keiratje2,

With new versions of Kernel updates there may be some conflict or the particular version was not compiled.
Have you tried removing and perform configuration at installation again?

If it is a known compatibility issue or if it is a bug, I believe we will soon have an update.

you can - better solution - downgrade your kernel ; like you have several options at the start of linux ; it is not difficult : choose an older kernel (do not delete none kernel choose only one older _ it is safe/ no damage). At the next start your choice will become trhe default mode.
after 12.04 ; compatibility with comodo anti-virus is not certain …
why not using clav ? recommended by debian …

Hi jhkmaster,

I removed comodo,but there was still a comodo-map on the desktop;see attachement;how can I remove that.???

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi keiratje2,
if any service that is still loading you can try to disable it at startup.
I do not remember the full path, but try:

Settings Manager - Session and Startup > Application Autostart

and for .desktop file

Try to access a location similar to these:

See it finds the desired item, try removing it. It is probable that for this operation you permission to use “root”

Note: Sorry if the suggestion does not assist, for a long time I do not use Xubuntu and have no way to reproduce this issue here. It is likely that other users can better complement this information.

And about the icon, you can access option to delete it?


hi Robert Drop,

This problem can easily be solved:

Here I have the steps for you to install your COMODO AntiVirus in Ubuntu:

This instruction includes several steps, which I will explane to you:

1. Download installer package from

Install this package with gdebi.

2. then you need to install two packages from Synaptic:

a) redir
b) sqlite

Then close Synaptic.

3. Then we need this driver, which the diagnostic-tool tells us. You can get this driver needed from here:

on this site, go to the upper section and there choose for kernel 3.14 or lower.

Download this tar-ppackage.

4. then go back to your Desktop and open your filemanager as root.

Unity: gksu nautilus (Passwort eingeben)

Cinnamon: Alt+F2 drücken und im erscheinenden prompt dass hier eingeben:

gksu nemo (Passwort eingeben).

5. driver.tar in opt/COMODO auswechseln:

therefore, we open the folder /opt/COMODO öffnen scroll completele down. There we see this mentioned package
Here, do a right-click and remoce this package!!

Then return back into your downloads-folder, where we have downloaded this new package "driver.tar". This needs to be copied.

then return back into this folder /opt/COMODO and insert back this new package!!

Then close this folder and you can also close nautilus e.g. nemo.

You can also alternativly do this via Terminal:

    cd /opt/COMODO

now press Enter

    sudo mv driver.tar

again press Enter

    sudo cp [<your name>/Downloads]/driver.tar

again press Enter.

6. now we need to run this post_install script:
Therefore, open a terminal and type in this:

    cd /opt/COMODO

press Enter

    sudo ./

Then we see this through it slowly, because you will have to accept it and you have to enter your emailaddress and you have to select the appropriate language for your system via a number out of a list, which will be shown to you during this process.

Please wait, until this process has completed!!

After this, you can close your terminal and return back to your COMODO-AntiVirus-software. There you will now see on the left pane, that this shield-applet will now turn from red to green and it will confirm, that all parts are now running.

Then you have to know, that every time, when a new ubuntu-kernel arrives, COMODO stops working first. But this is because of this driver.tar-file in /opt/COMODO

This means: every time when a new kernel arrives, you have to do these steps:

  1. press Alt + F2

  2. enter gksu nautilus or gksu nemo (depending on your filemanager)

  3. go to this folder and delete this old driver.tar-file. Keep your filemanager open

  4. go to your browser and download the current driver.tar-file from here:

choose the one for kernel 3.15 or lower.

Download it.

  1. return back into your filemanager and go to your downlaods-folder

  2. there copy and cut this downlaoded driver.tar-file

  3. return into the folder /opt/COMODO

  4. paste this new driver.tar-file there! Close your filemanager

  5. open your Terminal and type in this:

cd /opt/COMODO

then follows this command:

sudo ./

Read this declaration slowly. Click “accept” when prompted to do so. Then when prompeted enter your emailaddress.

Then select the number of your langauge shown to you in the list.

Press ENTER and let it run through.

Then flollows a restart of your machine and everything is fine again.

ubuntuexpert :slight_smile: