COMODO Antivirus for Linux Ubuntu 12.10( COMODO takes so much RAM?)

:wink: HI , May I know why COMODO takes so much RAM?

cmdaget - 181,8 mb RAM
cmddaemon - 112 mb RAM

the problem was solved, removed from the system entirely comodo.

I can’t see where COMODO AV for Linux is using excessive RAM. Had Google Chrome open, as well as Resource Manager, then began a critical area scan, total RAM usage (out of 2GB) was 1.2GB. There was a more noticeable swap increase than RAM one, though that wasn’t huge.

Mabye there were too many other apps open at the same time?

Even on my low resource notebook (1.7GHz CPU, 2GB of DDR RAM), COMODO doesn’t bog it down, though in the release notes it says (or recommends) having a 2.0GHz CPU to run it.

My advice would be to see what other apps/processes are being used & shut those down, as it’s best to run scans when not doing other work. This applies to all OS’s when running a virus/malware scanner, not only Linux ones.


Thanks , I’ll try Comodo as long as all is well. :wink: