COMODO AntiVirus for Linux on last Ubuntu versions

Why I can not install COMODO AntiVirus for Linux into the last version of Ubuntu (15.10)? ???

The system tells me “dependences can not to be accomplished”, and it is because one file called: libssl0.9.8.

I noted that Ubuntu 15.10 uses the file: libssl1.0.0.

How could I fix it? ???

Isn’t there a new version of CAVL to the new Linux versions? ???

Greetings & Blessings from Chile!!!


You can download and install the old necessary file from Debian -- Error
I found this by Googling the file name (and making sure I was downloading it from a reputable source!).
So I’m now happily using Comodo Antivirus for Linux after applying Kinta’s (check these forums) very last fix, even though that fix doesn’t mention it works for kernel 4.2.0-19 (and 4.2.0-21) as per Ubuntu 15.10.
The trick is to replace the /opt/COMODO/driver.tar file every time the kernel updates - even if you are replacing it with exactly the same one every time! Then you have to run through the tedious sudo /opt/COMODO/ routine to accept the licence once more. You’ll need to use gksu command on nautilus (or nemo or thunar - whatever your distro uses) to delete the old diver.tar file and replace it with the (not) new driver.tar file (which you should retain in your downloads folder for re-use).
Of course, all this rigmarole would not be necessary if Comodo were to update CAVL. Still, at least the virus signatures are still updated (allegedly). But we can’t really complain, as the product is pretty fully featured and FREE.