comodo antivirus for linux - install without x window

hi …

i am csyeow , new to comodo antivirus , i have a question as below : i able to install CAV_LINUX-1.0.239818-1.x86_64.rpm on rhel 6.3 x86_64 .

my environment as below :

os : RHEL 6.3 x86_64 without x windows ( on vmware) , testing antivirus

i have read the online user guide Introduction to Comodo Antivirus,Virus Protection, Comodo Antivirus for Linux Version 1.0 - COMODO

  1. becoz the online guide only show on gui , and my environment without x windows , how to update antivirus via command line , i get this error when run #/opt/COMODO/cavupdater , does comodo antivirus linux support without x windows ?

error : cavupdater: cannot connect to X server

  1. any doc for command line antivirus linux ?

You can display the GUI on your host and perform the operations there, remotely. Use X-forwarding. The process is too complex to explain here, but there is plenty of information online about how to do X-forwarding from a server. Once it’s set up, it works great, and you’ll find yourself using it for a lot of other purposes.