Comodo Antivirus for Linux (CAVL) v1.0.239818.1 is formally released.

Hi Yanghua Fang,

Thank you for the explanation.


The cmdagent I don’t found, just the cav process even with the scan working and the real time enabled. About another question, cavl detects just malwares for windows or detects for linux too?

Thank you for the release :-TU

installed in newly install ubuntu 12.04 … working smooth as usual…

but I have request for developer please add context menu scanning option…

will it be “self updating” like windows version? I mean App itself, not virus database

Thanks for a great program.
I am using it with the default settings.

No problems for me so far. ;D

Hi casachit,

Good suggestion, we will consider “right click context menu” in next version.


Hi conta,

Sure. CAVL has binary update functionality which can update all related executable and data files.


Hi daduck10,

In fact, process cav is just the UI, process cmdagent process scan task and return result to process cav.
Could you give me your email account? So I can contact you for detailed info?

CAVL only detect Windows malware now, signatures in bases.cav are only for Windows.


First, thanks for the program.

I have installed on ubuntu 12.04 and I have a similar problem to some others.

The full system scan freezes and freezes the system - I have to use alt prtsc REISUB to restart the machine.

The freeze seems to be at a linux-headers file - usually auto.conf.

Real time scanning seems to work fine (it catches eicar test file).

Scan of critical areas and home works fine.


The problem appears to only affect systems with the pae kernel - I have another machine that doesn’t have that kernel - and the scan works fine.

The scan freeze doesn’t always freeze the system - it just prevents shutdown sometimes. I am typing this after scan freeze.

After the scan freeze both cmdagent and cmgdaemon are still running.

I have tried excluding usr/src to avoid the kernel headers - the scan proceeds further, but then froze at usr/share/launchpad

One more point - diagnostics finds no problems.

Further update - this seems strange, but if I exclude /usr the full system scan will run successfully. If I then remove the exclusion I can scan the folder /usr without problem!?


The issue is still there with comodo linux and linux mint 13. Comodo shows file system filter driver not loaded and when click to fix it it is unable to do that and give the kernel module “redirts.ko” appropriate for your current kernel version does not exist. Please run /opt/comodo/ to install it. Then run /etc./init.d/cmdavd restart command to restart cmdvd service.

I tried it but after rebooting it goes back to this error and it does not fix the issue.

Anyway can someone give me a list of problem free linux antiviruses that work good on mint 13? Thanks in advance.

CAVL is the only free real time AV for linux that I know of. ESET may also do one (but it costs).

There are plenty of on-demand virus scanners - clamtk (in repo), bitdefender (good gui - can be added to repo), avast (good gui - needs a slight tweak to get it working - see avast forum), avg (command line only I think).

The run /opt/comodo/ worked OK on ubuntu 12.04 - I did have to run it with sudo I think.

You also have to ask yourself why you would need a real time av on a linux desktop box at present I think. The in-the-wild threat is still trivial (though that may change in future).

Whilst I very much applaud comodo for taking the lead on this, even they are only looking for windows platform malware with CAVL at present I believe.

On my old e4062 box I have taken the view that the performance hit is too great to be justified by the minor security improvement, and uninstalled CAVL.

I can get ‘lighter’ partial real-time protection using trafficlight, fireclam, and noscript add-ons in firefox, backed up by a weekly system scan.

I only install from the repo as a rule, so with the browser and downloads fairly well protected, and using a limited rights account other than for update, I find it hard to see how any malware will get in (and scans have never found any).

Hi again:
Well for me to keep comodo running correctly after running the command, means that I have to leave the pc on and not shutting or rebooting it down for the night and reboot or turn it on the next day.

Therefore my question is this.Is it ok for me to leave the pc on and just put it to sleep mode (using the sleep mode button on keyboard) at night and then waking it up the next day when I want to use it?

Will the pc overheat or warm-up or its lifespan reduce if it is left in sleep mode when not needed rather then shutting it down and turning it on the next day?

Anyone know if it is safe to do sleep mode? Thanks in advance.

installed and working without problems on LMDE (64-bit)

Hello here,

I have Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

For installing CAV on it, the command is (in the terminal) : sudo bash /opt/COMODO/ and not sudo sh /opt/COMODO/ !!

Works perfectly.



I want to complain and suggest something:

On Comodo’s website, when you go to CAVL, it says its compatible to a lot of Linux Distro. But when you click download, you always download .RPM wich is not compatible to most Linux users, specially because Ubuntu is the most used distro, and is the Linux Newbies (like my self) favorite distro.

Most Ubuntu users willl never find the Ubuntu version to download (only in the forum). There should be all the links in the product site to download, and not only with .RPM and .DEB names. It you say the name of the Linux Distro that it is compatible (like Ubuntu users,download this. Fedora users download this).

Or a combo box, where the user select the distro, then starts the download process.

Or for the furutre, make it available on Ubuntu App Store (or whatever is the official name).

Thanks a lot, and keep up the excelent work making the internet safer.

Best Regards,

thank you for another great product :-TU am I wright in thinking this AV is also free, thank you, excellent job, thank you :-TU

I know it support Ubuntu version 12.04 but does it support Ubuntu version 12.10? Thanks.

Oh! Great! Will definitely check this out on my Ubuntu. Thumbs up! :slight_smile: