Comodo Antivirus blocks MySql .NET Connector in web application

When i try to connect to a MySql server (local or remote) in a ASP.NET web application with the MySql .NET connector running on a machine with Comodo Antiivirus installed, the connection cannot be established (Unable to connect to any of the specified MySQL hosts, socket error 10022).

I have no problems when i use the same configuration when using a win32 or console application that uses the .NET connector.

Then problem is solved when i uninstall the Comodo Antivirus. The Comodo Firewall works fine.

Is there a setting somewhere that the AV is blocking that connections somehow?

Does disabling HIPS help?


The HIPS was disabled.

COMODO Antivirus 3.5 BETA is now available!

Just install the AV. :slight_smile:

Let us know how things go.