Comodo Antivirus beta 2 and Swyx 6 audio problems


Bit of a long shot for help, but if I don’t ask, I’ll never know…

I’m trying out Comodo antivirus beta on a new Windows XP Pro machine, but having problems with our Swyx 6.02 client phone software. When I make a call using Swyx, I can’t hear the other person talking. They can hear me however, and I can also hear the dial tones and other local system sounds. When I call the same person on another PC without Comodo, I can hear them. There seems to be an issue with the voice data coming from the Swyx server (Win2003 server on the same LAN) to my client PC.

I’ve tried disabling HIPS to no avail. Also, if I exit out of Comodo, the problem still persists until it is uninstalled. The other PCs on the network are running AVG 7.5 and don’t have the same issue, although I also tried PC Tools free antivirus on another PC and that had the same symptoms too.

Does anyone have any suggestions to get around this please? Perhaps there’s a function / option I can turn off?

Thanks and regards,