Comodo AntiVirus Beta 1.1 release

Hi Ewen,
I hope you worked for quite sometime to send the snapshot:). Thanks. We will implement it in product may be just swaping the alignment of Action and status.


I was just a bit worried that since you guys have gotten just about everything right, you’d get bored twiddling your thumbs. :wink:

I hope our suggestions aren’t causing the development team too much grief. Our aim is the same as yours.

Ewen :slight_smile:


I did the update but don’t have the “Scan Now” on my main page. Did my CAV not actually update?

This is what my CAV says:

Comodo AntiVirus - Version Information Report

Product Information
======= ===========
Build Version :
DataBase Version :
AllowDB Version :
Program Updates Version :

License Information
======= ===========
License Status : Activated
Product Installation Date: 11-Jun-2006
Product Activation Date : 26-May-2006

Program Files Information
======= ===== ===========
CMain.exe :
CavApp.exe :
CavSn.exe :
CavAud.exe :
CavMud.exe :
Cavasm.exe :
CavEmSrv.exe :

Operating System Information
========= ====== ===========
Operating System : Windows XP
Operating System Version : 05.01.2600
Service Pack : Service Pack 2
Internet Explorer Version : 06.00.2900

Hardware Information
======== ===========
Central Processing Unit (CPU) : Unknown P6 family
Available Memory : 208MB
Total Memory : 503MB

Hey Eric,

If you open the AntiVirus program up,on the STATUSpag,if you click on the line that says “Full System Scan” you should see the scan now button appear on the right hand edge of the AV window. I don’t think it’s all that obvious adn they are going to change it so the Scan Now button is always visisble on the Status Page.

Ewen :slight_smile:
(WCF3) (WCF3) (WCF3)

Oh right… Cheers…


hi all

i ll try to tell about the new version. sorry 4 my english :wink:

my comodo av (1.0 it seems) download the updates at weekend and begin to tell me that it needs the update (blablabla).
i said - “no”! - i decided to make it when it will no work. but it was trying to install anywhere.
i said - “ok” - update starts. but then it error me - like “i could not find c:*()\temp$^#&@$.msi”, then smth about windows protected file.
i rebooted…

there is a message - c:\windows\system32\HAL.DLL is missing bla-bla-bla ! %-
i copied this file from noncav :wink: machine & vou la

so - is the cav kills this file?
btw - there are 2 PC with such troubles… at now

win xp sp2
intel celeron 2.5, 521 ram