Comodo Antivirus and Windows Security Center? [resolved]

Is Comodo Antivirus recognized by WSC now? When I search online, the answer seems to be ranging from “No”, to “Should be by CAVS 2 beta”, now I’ve installed the latest CAVS, the WSC still tells me that it can’t find an Antivirus product. Is this normal? Thanks. ???

PS: I’m using Windows XP SP3. Somehow the first time the system reboots after CAVS installs, the WSC warning seems to disappear, but when I reboot again, it comes back, weird…

hi wellofsouls. unfortunately no. the latest CAVS is still CAVS 2 BETA and it’s still not recognized by WSC.

Hello wellofsouls. You can turn off WSC by setting it to “I’ll monitor my own anti virus” :slight_smile:

Thanks for the fast and helpful reply, you guys rock! :-TU

oh, you might wanna sign up for CAVS 3. register your email address and you’ll be informed once it’s out.

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