Comodo Antivirus and Novatix Cyberhawk

I’m a new member here, so hello to everyone. I have been using Comodo Antivirus for about a week and a half now, and I am glad to report that there seem to be no conflicts between CAVS and Cyberhawk. In fact, the two seem to make a perfectly happy couple. Just wanted to let you know.

Wonderful, great to hear :smiley:

Just for your info, the next version of Comodo Anti Virus will contain application focussed host intruder protection, providing some of the security benefits of Cyberhawk. Future releases of the firewall will further enhance the HIPS functionality.

Stay tuned - Comodo are just hitting top gear.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. The above is not to say that Cyberhawk is a bad product - it is really nicely put together, but IMHO, Comodo are taking a logical, componentized approach to securing our desktops, and all components (even though they are all separate applications) are designed to work together. Stick with Cyberhawk, but keep your eyes peeled for some exciting new releases from Comodo.

ewen :slight_smile:

The only real complaint I have about Cyberhawk is that it currently interferes horribly with the installation, uninstallation, and updating of Firefox extensions and themes. It messed me up so much, I had to uninstall it, uninstall Firefox and delete its profile folder, reinstall Firefox, and reinstall all of my themes and extensions. I just wanted to let you know, however, that it does NOT interfere with CAVS. Lol. (:WIN)

P.S. - If you suspend Cyberhawk, you should be able to install and uninstall extensions and themes, but I recommend just getting rid of it for now until the issue is resolved.

And another thing, I’m hoping that this post will be information useful enough to Melih and others as to avoid the described bug above with Firefox (and also Thunderbird) altogether when the HIPS features become available in CPF and CAVS. Thanks.

I appreciate the find bburke. I’ve installed this and uninstalled Windows Defender. I’ve read a bit about MS making some concessions with some companies as to what it deems as spyware and what-not.

The important thing for me that Cyberhawk brought to the table was the registry protection, and I can rely on the other trusted applications like Ad-aware for the other functions that WD performed.

I do use Firefox, so will test the “suspend trick” if/when the time comes to update a theme. I also dug into Cyberhawk and found a trusted process list… so that might be part of the “playing around”.


It’s a great piece of software, but it’s not without its faults. For me it even interrupted the creation of a zip file with Windows Compressed Folders. I used to be a beta tester for Novatix and a correspondent with its CEO, and I know that they are working diligently to reduce false positives. Just be careful with it.