Comodo Antivirus and Cryptainer problem

Greetings to all, I’m new.

I’ve noticed that CAVS seems to block unloading & closing of Cryptainer.

My O.S. is Win2k pro with BOClean, SpyBot, AVG8 and Spywareblaster running and Cryptainer loads and unloads OK but if CAVS is active only loading of Cryptainer volumes works; when trying to unload & close Cryptainer it hangs for a pretty long while and warns that there are still open files in the volume and it can’t close it.

I’ve excluded the encrypted volume from HIPS (¿?) but the problem persists. Is there a way to solve this?

Thanks in advance for any comments that may help.


Disable HIPS for now.

CAV3 beta is going to be released very soon! The Mods are testing it! :slight_smile:


Thanks for your quick answer. I’ve just tested CAVS with HIPS disabled and still Cryptainer loads OK but can’t unload and close.

I’ve tried disabling On Access protection too and the problem remains. I’ve tested without and with system restarts in between (system switch off rather, as it wouldn’t shutdown with Cryptainer running). It seems as if CAVS were too clever, possibly detecting the file volume opened by Cryptainer and getting exclusive control of it (?).

I’ll wait for the CAVS update you mention; I really find it much lighter on resources than other tools and the update mechanism is great, dowloading by parts, reporting progress and resuming after disconnection, excellent.

Kind regards,


CAV3 will be much better.

I am guessing it’s a service in CAV2. Thanks for your patience! :slight_smile: