Comodo Antivirus Alert GUI Issue

Hi, I use CIS Premium 5.0 on Windows 7 (32bit).
I use 125% DPI because I’ve 22" monitor.

The antivirus alert window is too small and it’s impossible to read filename and complete path. Can you make it resizeable?
I attached a screenshot.

Another issue:
When clicking “ignore once” is always useless, because the window appears again immediately! I can click this infinite times! It’s totally useless. I used for months and this behavior is always the same.

You should make a delay (to window reappear) so the file don’t alerted for almost some minutes.
Thank you very much

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hello, I do agree the window should be a bit bigger, but yet if you hover your mouse over the ‘File Location’ a tooltip will appear giving you the remaining file location (Same as the Virus Name)

and If re-appears, this just means once the file executes another file or does something that CIS can see, it will alert you again.

But Again Yes, The CIS AV Alert could be bigger!

My 2 Cents

Jacob Kilgore

i agree
it sounds like a wish not a bug

I would qualify it as a bug on the reasons
1; If you look above attachment, The sentence is cut off


It appears a bug by design ie:- it is working as it is suppose to rather than an actual gui bug.

Moved to wishlist.