Comodo Antivirus 6 slows down my PC

I say hello to you.

I uninstalled Comodo Antivirus 5 and I installed the new version 6. Everything went perfectly.
Now I realize that my PC is sometimes unbearably slow. Sometimes it seems just halted. For example:

  • when I start Windows Explorer or I open a Zip file by the unzipper of Windows, it takes several seconds before I see the files
  • when I start Open Office, to see the main window it takes 80 seconds about
  • with regard to other situations the story is the same: I must sometimes wait for a long time

I use Windows Xp Sp3, Ram 2GB.
My PC is clean: no malware.
My PC is free: Comodo Antivirus is the only antimalware program running in real-time. No other optional programs running in real-time.
Cavwp.exe (a program very busy!) doesn’t use too much Cpu (max. 5%), though it can use a certain amount of memory (even 100 Mb).

I don’t know what to do. I have tried to deactivate/change some options of Comodo but without result.

The user Chiron suggests to perform a complex laborious uninstallation of Comodo Antivirus 6 and a new installation… but I have doubts about the usefulness of that complicated procedure as my previous uninstallation of Comodo Antivirus 5 and the installation of the version 6 went 100% smoothly.
I am sure the guilty is the new version of this antivirus.

As you suspected my advice is to reinstall CIS by following the advice I provide here. The reason it’s important to first try this is that sometimes slowdowns like this are caused by remnants which were not successfully removed by previous uninstalls. Therefore, it really is the best thing to try at this point. If you still experience problems after reinstalling then we can try to narrow it down, but uninstalling by following those methods rules out a lot of possible issues.


If you don’t want to do the clean install as described by Chiron then at least follow the part about getting rid off possible left overs of previously installed security programs.

Open Office always started slowly for me on XP on my netbook (Intel Atom 2GB RAM). However 80s would be overdoing slowness. Try adding the OO start application (which I assume you are referring to) to the Shellcode exclusions.

Cavwp.exe can slow down your system when it is building or cleaning the av cache. Keep an eye out for this. If the cache builder/cleaner is running it will be shown Task Manager (assuming the av also has this) or after if you want to check after the fact check the logs.

Cavwp.exe can slow down your system when it is building or cleaning the av cache. Keep an eye out for this. If the cache builder/cleaner is running it will be shown Task Manager (assuming the av also has this) or after if you want to check after the fact check the logs.

I got the same problem with 1vcpu loading. When I open comodo task manager it says, that “cache forming” is proceeding. For 14 hours… Is it ok? Though I canceled it, process won’t stop anyway.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Cache building should not run for hours. It should run 10-15 minutes.

Question now is if this is problem is caused by CIS alone or by interaction with another program or leftover of previously installed programs.

Start with running cleanup tools of security programs you had installed in the past. A list o those tools can be found here: ESET Knowledgebase .

Do you have other security programs running in the background that may interfere? If so try temporarily disabling them makes the problem go away or not.

Ok, let’s bring some info. My system config:
fx8320, 990fx chipset-based mobo, 8gb ram, couple of WD hdd (no ssd), video hd4850.
OS: win7 x64 with all available official MS updates, no other antivir/firewall were installed ever on this system (only CIS, starting from 5.x versions). Though my OS installation had seen 3 different processors and 3 or 4 different mobos. I’ve backed up settings from cis 5.x, then did clean uninstall for CIS 5.x (using special uninstallers and cleaning tools) and installed CIS 6.x. After that I’ve imported my old settings (quite a lot of rules for firewall) and it worked OK for some time. Just about a month or less ago I’ve started to notice some uncommon load. Maybe there’s some “debugging-mode” switch for comodo av? I would like to turn it on and send you logs or whatever…

I will try to use some tools from your link, maybe some MS default tools are responsible for this anarchy and let you know if there’ll be results.

If no other security tools have been on your system we can exclude them. YOu could double check to see if Windows Defender (or Security Essentials) are running. However they are not known to be trouble makers.

There is no debugging mode we could use. You can run Diagnostics to see if it comes up with anything.

On a side note. Having changed various motherboards and processors over time, even when using a proper method, could make Windows go haywire. Are you only having an issue with CIS running cache builder or are there other vague performance problems?

WinDefender is in “stopped” state, no Security Essentials installed. I’ve used some stuff from your link “just in case”. Anything that I ever could install, win install is quite old. None of other security tools detected. Everything else is working fine, only CIS cache builder is troublemaker. Even other checking tasks from CIS are OK.

Problem is solved anyway by switching off “cache-building in idle state” option, or whatever it is in english. That worked for me, for 9 hours there’s no cache-builder activity.

I see this as a bug.

So, if you have the time and energy please consider filing a bug report in the Bug Reports - CIS board following the format as described in FORMAT & GUIDE - just COPY/PASTE it!.

Reporting of bugs is strictly moderated to make sure Comodo gets clear bug reports. So, please make sure you closely follow protocol. That way your report will certainly be seen by Comodo staff.

Thank you, I’ll definitely do it.

I say hello to you again.

I completely uninstalled Comodo 6, I wiped it, and then I installed it again.
The situation seemed a little better but essentially it was not changed.
Bad, very bad.

However I reached a great result anyway.
In fact I realized that some operations (for example searching files by Search of Windows Explorer) are strongly slowed down when they deal with Zip files. I suspected that Comodo scans those files thus causing a great waste of time.
Therefore I deactivated the real-time scan of compressed files (see “Decompress and scan archive files of extension(s)” in Real Time Scanning Software – Virus Protection | Internet Security v6.3 |COMODO).
Since then the situation is greatly improved. Security is not compromised: in fact Comodo no longer scans Zip files in real-time, but it scans them anyway when the user extracts the inner files. Sooner or later a real-time scan is always performed.

Therefore the presence of Comodo 6 is bearable now. I keep it.