Comodo Antivirus 5.8 detection rate and heuristic test (by Labs)

As many are wondering about Comodo’s total an heuristic detection rate, we, at IT security blog decided to perform a complex test on 21.390 malwares.

As we wanted to be relevant and more interesting, we’ve put Avira Free as a comparative product, evaluated on the same malware set.

The results:

  • Comodo83.94% detection
  • Avira – 82.98% detection

For the heuristic detection rate, we’ve used 9150 infected files from 2 to 4 november 2011, while Comodo’s definition were freezed on the 27th of October.

Proactive detection rate was: 4274 (46.71%)

Additional details are available here:

Great job! :-TU

thank you.


Could you say what was proactive detection rate of Avira? That’s better to have them both here as well.