Comodo AntiVirus 2.0 Beta - error managing HIPS

When I wish to Manage Allow/Block List, the progam quit without any notification. Any suggestion?

My config:


  • AMD Phenom 9950

  • 8 GB Geil Ultra DDR-2 RAM

  • BOCLean 4.26

  • Outpost Firewall Pro. 2009.

hi mr.gagyi,welcome to the forum (:WAV)
i don’t think there’s a “cure” for this issue 88) i got similar bug too. i’m afraid the only suggestion is to replace your CAVS 2 BETA & use other AV for now as CAVS 2 development has been stopped.
you might wanna join CAVS 3 (CIS:comodo internet security suite) BETA testing here
cheers :■■■■

gagyi, this is a known problem with CAVS-2. If you want to remove something from the block list you need to put it in the exclude list which you can access from the select button. (This is not a fix just a workaround)


I agree with ganda - join the CAVS -3 testing, it is very good and stable.


Thanks for your fast response!

Now, I use the Comodo Internet Security 3.5 (only AntiVirus & Defense+) + BOClean 4.26 and Outpost Firewall Pro 2009.


Because the Comodo Firewall Pro cause a Blue Screen ( in hungary: blue death (:AGY) ) at every boot time.

Thanks again!

PS: I like the Comodo products! (:CLP)

OK. i’m gonna lock this thread. if you wish to seek help for your CFP3 BSOD problem pls create a new topic on CFP3 help section

oh i forgot (:TNG) : if you/someone want to reopen this topic, pls PM any online moderator :■■■■