Comodo AntiTheft SMS functionality gone?

I finally update Comodo antitheft 2.x version to latest 3.5
However, I discovered SMS functionality is missing.
What did I miss after so long?
I don’t have data plan, so SMS tracking is quite important for me.
Is there any way to get SMS tracking functionality back?

No one know where the SMS tracking functionality go?


Currently with CMS version 3.5 as well as Comodo Anti-Theft, there is no SMS functionality. I do not think there have been any announcements that it will be brought back.

.< A very sad news.
Any idea where can I get older Comodo Anti-Theft version?
Kinda regret updating it to latest version

Sorry, I do not know where to download the older version from a safe website.

Sigh…any alternative SMS based tracking without obnoxious ads?

Avast antitheft full of ads. >.<
Prey antitheft has limited 20 report storages p/device

Most of the other free ones are going to ad-based for revenue.
Check out Cerberus. It is a great anti-theft program and may fit your needs.