Comodo AntiSpam Version 2.1

Why is it that Comodo AntiSpam passes Domains which show as Blocked in the Authentication Base? (:AGY) (:AGY) (:AGY)

You need to make sure that no address that you initially imported contained any emails with the specified domain.

I have heard rumours of a new better version of CAS but not heard anything for about a month now.


Hi Drosilla:

   We just found that CAS2.1 has one bug that you could allow one domain and block the same domain in authentication, but the allow rule will have highest priority for incoming email. So, please check if you had also allow the same domain first.

Hi Eric:
As i know CAS2.5 is in the last stage of test. Hope it will come soon.

Yes, I did notice and am taking the necessary action.

Now the reason why some spam messages enter themselves in the ‘Allowed’ section I would not know.

But it does happen.
That is why one gets a message saying that it is already noted when trying to have it Blocked.

One has to delete the address in the ‘Allowed’ section and then manually enter the address in to the ‘Blocked’ section’. A bit of a nuisance.

Hi Drosilla:

     CAS 2.1 uses challenge/response system to judge one sender should be allowed or blocked. If the sender could reply to the challenge correctly, the sender will be allowed. 
     So it seems some senders had reply to your challenge correctly.
     You could select 'Block email from' action in email address list or IP address if the address is already eixsted in it. Just click the 'Action' item before email address you want to change, then you will see one droplist and you could select the right one. 
     Before this, make sure you have checked 'Allowed' and 'blocked' both in 'Display address that are' option in Authentication dialog.