Comodo Antispam Gateway Beta 1 Announcement

Dear All,

We are glad to present the Beta 1 version of an exciting new Comodo product: Antispam Gateway.

This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is designed to protect your company email servers against messages containing spam and viruses. It works by redirecting MX records in your domain to Comodo’s Antispam Gateway servers so as to filter emails before they reach your users. There is no configuration of your email servers necessary; it is a self-learning, auto-updating solution.

BETA NOTICE: This is BETA version of the Services and may have serious bugs which may cause damage to your computer and data. It is intended for qualified beta testers only and must not be used in production systems.

To start using the product, all you need to do is sign up, as below, list your domain in the service (which imports your current MX records), and change the MX record(s) in your DNS (you will need to be able to modify the DNS records for your domain to install and use this product).

For more information please see: Comodo AntiSpam Gateway - Introduction, Free Anti Spam, Email Spam

During the trial period it will automatically scan your emails. When the trial is over, filtering will be disabled, but you will continue to receive your emails.

To sign-up please visit: Email Security and Messaging Solutions | Comodo

After registration you will receive an with email short instructions on how to setup email protection. Please consult the online help for full details.

We hope for your interest and appreciate your help and feedback.


The CASG Product Team
Comodo Business Security Software

Definitely a member for the beta force of this product/service.
Just singing up right now and will give it a try.

Thanks and congratulations COMODO!

[i]P.S. to Melih: Please, dont charge us per mailbox. :smiley:
Charge per account and per amount of messages received.
Something like DNS services, that are charged per queries and not per domain.
This helps Hosting companies to give such services without loosing profit.

Just imagine if we charge $9,99 to a customer for the hosting.
And this customer decides to create 30 mailboxes.
With only a $1 per mailbox charged by a Antispam Gateway Service Provider, we will be paying $30 for the customer who pays only $9,99. Not good at all.

Thats why by volume of messages processed its fair for COMODO and for Hosting Companies.
To pay for what we consume. Just think about it. 88)[/i]

Excellent work guys!
Great product!


I have created a feedback post for this specific service, here:;msg552043#msg552043

I would appreciate your help on the details I am sending, because I really want to try this product.
But so far I havent received any answer.

I would like help specifically on the email I dont receive, once I create a domain in the CASG dashboard.

Thank you.