Comodo AntiSpam Gateway 1.7 hot off the press !!!

Good day all,

Version 1.7 of our increasingly popular CASG (Comodo AntiSpam Gateway - for those less ardent followers) is fresh & hot off the press and it is bigger and better than anything we have done before!

What’s new?
The one thing all you admins out there are going to love is the "Groups & Permissions" function - this allows to to group your users into those who should be allowed to release their own quarantined items, whitelist and blacklist senders (i.e. Power Users) and those users who need to submit a request to the admin for their email to be released or their email senders to be white- or blacklisted (i.e. Users). We’ll be extending this feature in upcoming releases. - This one especially for you Jerry!

NB:- You need to create a new group if you want to edit permissions and, for now, users permissions are only manageable on a per-user basis (you can’t assign multiple users to a group simultaneously - only one at a time, sorry guys we’ll get that working in the next release due ~end December)

Another feature added in by request is report scheduling. Our beloved admins can set when they want their reports to be sent to them by hour, day and week. We have further separated the reporting into quarantine reports and domain statistics reports.

Feature number 3 of many is that you can now import whitelisted recipients/senders, blacklisted recipients/senders & your local recipients from CSV files.

There is much more in our latest and greatest so please go ahead and have a look…

Huge shout-out to Vlad, Kirill, Yuriy, Maxim, Alexander, Yevgeny & Roman for a brilliant job! Well done guys!

As always, please let me know what you would like to see in version 1.8 but for now, that’s it from me.

Take it easy out there guys,

Product Manager - Comodo AntiSpam Gateway.

great work guys!