Comodo AntiSpam Beta released

Comodo AntiSpam 2.7 Beta is now available for download from:

New in this version:
–ADDED User could personalize ASA content by himself.
–ADDED Add Share list for Authentication database.
–IMPROVED Clean all user’s data.
–IMPROVED Provide more information on spam reporting/Sync failure.
–IMPROVED Improve user experience when switch authencation lists.
–IMPROVED Multi CasProc are launched when user do receiving on several accounts.
–FIXED It is unexpect that the “Allow digitally signed e-mails to bypass protection” option is checked again

after unchecking it and switch tabs.
–FIXED The option “Once” for Perform Synchronization on Advanced tab cannot be applied.
–FIXED The email account which have the same Account name and pop3 name but different email address can not be

added to the Email account on CAS.
–FIXED Only the choosed email can be deleted after clicking the report as spam button.
–FIXED The “O day and 0 hour” are displayed in the “Delete in” tab in QDB.
–FIXED There is no more E-mail Accounts to Import dialog pops up unexpectedly when using the Opera client.
–FIXED The SSL account can not connect to the server when receiving the mails from the Opera client.
–FIXED The mails marked as pending can not be received automatically unless switching to other tab.
–FIXED The outlook hangs when receive large emails.
–FIXED The E-mail address is not added into the ADB of the second account.
–FIXED CAS will kill other app’s focus when its proxy starts.
–FIXED The attachment cannot be displayed in the QDB.
–FIXED The E-mail account can not add to white-list after replying a right alert e-mail.
–FIXED E-mail can not be received to QDB if there are capital letters in the account password.
–FIXED Contacts in Outlook Express client can not be imported.

This is a bug-fixed version for CAS2.6.

Kind Regards,

We’ll done with the new beta release! Looks like a lot of bugs were fixed an a number of improvments!

Keep up the good work!


Great to see a new version!

Very glad that you will now be able to edit ASA. Also that there is now a shared authentication list - this will help greatly.

Great that some of the bugs have been resolved. However some significant bugs do not seem to be on the bug-fix list? Just wondering whether a) the list of fixes is incomplete b) work on the other bugs is still in progress c) I have misunderstood the fix list!

I will start testing now.


Thank you for this program I installed yesterday but seek help re spam emails addressed as follows

From: Josie Hoerr [my email address]

To: My email address

The spam is getting thru with the same sender email as the receiver and of course I am not sending the spam mail to myself!!!

I guess I could quarantine my own email address but not sure this is the best thing to do

Anyone receiving the similar spam emails with same sender and receiver address??

Message Option Internet headers follow with my email address removed

Received: from ipmail04.adl2.<my IP (unverified [])
by mail <mail.myIP> (SurgeMail 3.8f2) with ESMTP id 369404779-1927428
for < my email address >; Sun, 18 Oct 2009 02:51:48 +1030 (CDT)
Return-Path: < >
X-IronPort-Anti-Spam-Filtered: true
X-IronPort-Anti-Spam-Result: AjT/AMqL2UpeR/UYPGdsb2JhbACNeY1O
X-IronPort-AV: E=Sophos;i=“4.44,578,1249223400”;
Received: from ([])
by ipmailmx04.adl2.i <my IP address. with ESMTP; 18 Oct 2009 02:51:45 +1030
Date: Sat, 17 Oct 2009 19:21:40 +0300
To: my email address
From: “Josie Hoerr”
Subject: Just read your mail
Message-ID: XQ31188M474DRX45.XKYBMTNMFL.853619CC2@user
X-Priority: 3
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/html; charset=“iso-8859-1”
X-Vpipe: Scanner said clean (/local/app/clamav/bin/vscand-clamav)
X-FriendScore: ****************: 16.600000 IronPort detected Spam=19.0,IronPort SPAM scanned=-10.0,From3consonants=0.3,Extremely high tags-to-text ratio=3.5,Gifs in urls=0.8,Aspam=3.0
X-Aspam: Words 0.0 -marketing -smtp -con -sites -multipart -carr -imp -messenger -boa
X-Aspam: URLS scored 3.0
X-Aspam: Best match was sample aspam_catch\m2215.msg
X-Aspam: Total 3.0
X-IP-stats: No info recorded yet ip=
Status: U
X-UIDL: 1255796508.7468_145902.bld-mail02

Program appears to be a great improvement on the origional I struggled with a year or two ago sowell done again Comodo

This one variant of a known bug in 2.6, still evidently present in 2.7.;msg284855#msg284855

I use an Outlook rule to process:

  1. emails with my name in the ‘to’ fiekd
  2. emails with a blank or space in the ‘to’ field

Into a “Probable spam” box for review.


First congratulations on a version of CAS that seems much more stable - running now two days, so cannot be sure yet, will continue to feedback on this.

NB I may edit this post to clarify or for minor additions - wanted to get you feedback as fast as possible.

In addition to the bugs that are on your fix list, the following bugs seem to have gone away or been reduced:

  • Progressive OS resource consumption (Reduced, now only 20 handles per send receive in Outlook, 1 per send receive in CAS)
  • Outlook instability after installing CAS (Reduced, not sure if fixed yet)
  • Problems with suspend/resume and CAS (SSL aspects reduced, possibly eliminated)
  • Challenge email (ASA) seems to be editable but is not (Self evident!)
    Which is just great!

I’m not sure which other bugs on the forum bug list the Devs think they have fixed, would be good to know this so I can test specifically. I’ll now give initial feedback on bugs I know still exist, and on the design of the new functionality, and bugs present in new functionality. The priorities expressed in this feedback reflect my personal opinion that the most important general issues to address to ensure CAS is a widely appreciated as it should be are:

  • CAS and email client stability/reliability
  • Increasing usability/ cultural acceptability & reducing hassle, both for direct CAS users, and those on the receiving end of CAS challenge emails
  • Avoiding the situation where CAS challenge emails start to be flagged as spam by other spam filters. (This has happened in the past, and a resurgence would be fatal for CAS)
  • Offering a viable alternative to the ‘challenge response’ policy (for those who just won’t or can’t use it) which is still consistent with Comodo’s ‘default-deny’ philosophy. A policy requiring only the most simple additions (one tick box, a GUI text change, & a small GUI behavoir change) is ‘Assisted manual filtering’. CAS pretty much does this already. See;msg318278#msg318278

I do know that the following version 2.6 bugs remain. (I’ll add to this list as I find others).

I experienced one installation bug. On asking to import contacts from the default Outlook folder. CAS crashes with DrWatson error in casinit.dll Offset 0002fbee. Also note that process after screen that asks for passcode text takes a while - you may need a progress information bar.

Finally informal feedback on new features - I’ll do more formal feedback when we have 2.7 beta bug reports folder.

  • Editable ASA. This works well, but I do think that you need to be able to edit all parts of the ASA, and all other emails generated by CAS. (Yes the challenge mail does need to include specific things, but the Devs could put guidance text alongside the edit box, to tell CAS users what they must include). A fully editable ASA is important a) to avoid CAS messages being intercepted by other spam filtering software based on the shared content of the emails b) to make people culturally and personally comforatble with using it - for example I, from Britain don’t want to say ‘Hi’ or ‘Have a good day’, and I think the ‘100% spam free’ claim is incorrect at present. c) to make it less ikely that challenge email recipients will ignore the challenge emails thinking they are spam. Also, NB that in edit mode no cursor is visible, also that users email adress appears in sent ASA, even though users name (not email) appears when looking at the ASA in browsing mode.;msg318276#msg318276;msg281734#msg281734
  • Shared authentication list. This is an excellent idea - hats off to the devs! However it does need some more work. Think I know how it should work, but not sure I know what you intend - could you explain? Things I think are problems found so far are as follows. When an account is flagged to use the shared list (i) newly authenticated email addresses are added to the account specific list, not the shared list (ii) also mails from addresses authenticated to the acccount specific list but not the shared list are passed through (iii) the account specific list is not greyed out so its difficult to tell which list is active (iv) authentication confirmation emails are not received by newly authenticated addresses.;msg235302#msg235302

Finally finally (:-). Here are just a few things I think would be simple to add to this version and would make a big difference:

  • a tick box option to qualify ‘Pop up quarantine database when new entries’ by ‘Don’t pop-up if address is blocked’. This makes manual filtering practical by reducing pop-ups. Also ensure that when quarantine database is ‘popped up’, the account to whch the item has been added is displayed (failure to do this is a bug in any case!). These are the only functional changes needed to implement ‘assisted manual filtering’ policy - see above. A GUI text change on the policy tab from ‘Only allow digitally signed emails’ to ‘Assisted manual filtering’ and there is the new policy!
  • the ability to import email addresses from sent item boxes in email clients. Just do Outlook in this version to guage response? [Would reduce number of challenge emails sent when using CAS for the first time, reducing user and challenge recipent hassle and thus acceptability, also reducing risk of flagging by spam filters].;msg237397#msg237397
  • Installation program should suggest that people switch off challenge response mode until they have checked their whitelists. [To prevent sweethearts, wives (etc) receiving challenge emails :slight_smile: Ouch!].;msg295953#msg295953
  • Option to trap ‘delivery failure reports’ resulting from authent. mails, where the text of the report includes the original CAS email. Seems simple to do (But I may be wrong:-) ), and I think that CAS’s failure to do this is a bug really, its such an own goal, but I include it here just for completeness. [Reduces hassle just after installation for CAS users, and ths barriers to ongoing use].;msg234942#msg234942 ,

Ok that’s it folks for first thoughts…

And well done once again


  1. Your Operating System: XP SP3 32bit
  2. Other Security and Utility Software Installed: CIS, CVE, CIV, CLP, Filezilla, Walllwatcher, Sony Ericsson PC software, Actual Window Manager, Routerstats, Revo, Process Explorer, Copernic Desktop
  3. Email client: Outlook 2003 (Addins: Mailbuddy - disabled, ODIR dedupe - disabled, copernic summariser - disabled, Exchange Extensions - disabled, Redemption Helper - disabled)
  4. Email provider: Zen - POP3, SMTP; Gmail - POP3, SMTP, SSL
  5. Any additional information: CAS version = 2.7 beta

Hi brockie79:
I saw those type of spam too, and regretful, current anti-spam policy (challenge/response) in Comodo AntiSpam could not block that type of spam. New anti-spam policy will be consider to added for that type spams. Thanks:)

how is development of antispam?

Hi SecurityManiac:

    The development is ongoing with less priority and few resources, and there is many things to do to improve the next release. Please give us more patience. Thank you for your support.

Sure I will. I’m just curious where you are going?

Hi brockie79:
Is there any reason why you don’t just block the originating IP address in the CAS Authentication Database. This would only work of course if you don’t have genuine emails that are also sent through this particular Greek server.