Hi, I am new to Comodo and have just installed the firewall and anti virus and uninstalled the AVG products that I was initially using. I find that when I start up the computer Windows XP doesn’t recognise the Comodo anti virus and says the ‘computer might be at risk’, and when I open emails, they are not scanned as well. On the status bar there are all the green ticks saying it is working ok.
Any ideas???

Welcome to the forums, unfortunately windows security centre does not recognize beta products at the moment. Due to CAVS being a beta product windows doesn’t think you have an anti virus program installed.

To remove that annoying balloon pop up, either click on it or select security center from the control panel. Then on the virus protection select recomendations and tick the box for “I have an antivirus program that I’ll monitor myself” and then select OK.

Thanks for that, any idea why the emails I open through Outlook do not have anything at the bottom saying that they have been scanned??

If you want certify incoming e-mails.

Go to Stettings - E-mail Scan - Advanced and click “Certify Incoming E-mail” and that will add a certify message on the bottom of the e-mail that it has been scaned.


Can anyone tell me if Comodo is close to releasing AV for vista as it has been a long time and it really has to be ready now???


(:KWL) (B)

Browse in the CAVS section, there are many threads regarding this. Yes, CAVS for Vista is close now.