Comodo Anti-Virus Scanning...

… my scanning is very, very slow. I know I have a lot of files but I turned off the “Scan Compressed files” etc to see if it would speed things up but it’s still slow.

It also seems to halts\be un-responsive at:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\History\History.ie5

I have tried deleting those files but no go, it still halts…

Anyone else had this problem?


This is a known issue in CAVS (scanning suddenly stopping on certain files). CAVS Beta 2 is currently scheduled for release on October 16th. Please wait for the 2nd beta and see if you are still having these problems.

Note: The Beta 2 release date is subject to change.

on-demand scanning of a 72-kilobyte file takes a full minute on my brand new laptop. terribly slow slow slow slow. is something wrong or is that typical?

(1.8 ghz duo centrino, brand new Toshiba laptop, 4 days old)

EDIT: I had checked the box: “Scan memory in addition to file.” I unchecked it and it’s faster now.


  1. close the on-demand window!!! Are you sure you want to close the window? I have to confirm, “Yes, please close this window.” There appears to be no way to turn off this nag screen. The little close box is pretty small so i doubt there will be stray clicks to close it.

  2. yes, the launchpad is pointless and should be nuked. it should be a separate install all its own-- that way you don’t even package it with any product. just list it on the main page and it will serve as a single COMODO tray icon.

  3. the AV product uses a ton of RAM! i don’t mind too much cuz my new system has a surplus of RAM anyway. But, it suggests (possible) inefficient programming. Another clue is the giant 24+ meg download. Your slogan could be, “Size matters.”

  4. where are the little banners/buttons to link to you guys? i looked everywhere and the only ones were on Mike’s imageshack acct.