Comodo Anti-Virus for Vista Date? [MERGED] [Closed]

I wanted to know when the anti virus can be used for Windows Vista, because they say in november but know it is febr… (CWY)

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No date available yet. I think we will just have to keep waiting until Comodo are happy with the software.


You mean the CAVS?

The version now CAVS 2 is not vista supported. You will have to wait till the new version 3 is out. :frowning: We’re all waiting for it :THNK. An exact release date isn’t given yet, but some say it will be released in spring. :cry:

Use Avira in the meantime?


Well. For vista, I think you should use NOD 32. For one its fast, has no problems with vista.

Avira is kind of slower on vista. It takes a while to start up, NOD 32 starts up quite instant.

Both are fine of course, I just think NOD 32 is faster on vista.

Hi all

Please could someone tell me if Comodo is compatible with Windows Vista now as no one have posted any news on this for a while now and i just wanted to find out if there was an update on this.



CAVS 3 is due out this month (May) in beta i heard, expect it will have Vista Compatibility.

Work on CAVS 3 is in progress and we should see a beta and release of CAVS3 by mid summer.


end of year, beginning of year, this month and now mid summer…

u guys really know how to make ppl wait.

Eric said in the other thread CAVS3 will be out in mid summer.
Is may mid summer? i believe different parts of the globe have different season time.

There isn’t a determined release date yet but we should be seeing something May/June I expect.


We all hear/read different things. Progress varies from time to time. The last I heard ages ago was that it was going to be end of April and now hearing later - into May/June… It’ll be ready when it’s ready…


@aladinonl: thats what i must have heard. :wink: Where I live we don’t have summer actually.


“Where I live we don’t have summer actually.”
lol, what a pain for u to hear promise by season.

Comodo are working really ■■■■■■■ Comodo Internet Security, Which includes Firewall, CAVS 3, etc etc… Hopefully a Beta version will come around sooner off CIS, off course CAVS 3 will be available as a stand alone product too.

Patience is a virtue! :P0l


Or the new AVG 8 free ;D

I’m using CPF3 With Defense+ / CAVS Beta 2 at the moment (Waiting on Avast next release or CIS whichever comes first or until CIS comes out) CBoClean and CMF.


can u elaborate a lil abt CIS?
it will include CPF, CAVS and…?

“it’ll be ready when it’s ready” . . . . .“patience is a virtue”

these are very reasurring answers to someone looking for protection today.


The exact elaboration on CIS is not yet known, even to us mods. Probably CPF / CMF / CAVS… An Internet Security solution so it’s bound to grow and grow.