Comodo Anti Theft V 2.0 Beta Release

Hi Everyone,

We are pleased to announce the release of Comodo Anti Theft Beta Version

Whats new;
1.Web Anti Theft Support
2.G+ Login
3.Guest Login which is allow you to Login everywhere with all platforms
4.Remove device option on web interface
5.Mobile Map view
6.Custom personal message on Lock Screen

How to Get BETA Versions
We are using better way to get Beta version on time. This way support OTA update trough Google Play Store.

Step 1: “Join Request" Go to Comodo Mobile Security Beta User Group

Step 2: “Become a Anti Theft Tester” Go to Google Play Tester Link

Or Download it from:
Comodo Anti Theft Beta Version Link:

Before Install Comodo AppLock application please Disable “Real Time Protection” in CMS V 3.0 Beta version

How to Disable “Real Time Protection”
Launch CMS->Side Drawer->Settings->Real Time Protection (make sure checkbox non-selected)

Please share your valuable feedback.

  1. What is your device brand name and model name?
  2. What is your device Android version and current language preference?
  3. Please provide more detail about when and how you got that error?
  4. It would be great if you can capture screen shots regarding the error.
    Thanks for your support.

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Im already testing anti theft feature, how about this scenario happen :

  1. The thieft know how cms work.
  2. The owner phone send sms locate#his_password
  3. The thief read SMS come in
  4. The thief use password to open anti theft section then modify to new pass.
  5. Owner can’t send command anymore like lock, alarm, wipe

Any solution? Thanks

A possible solution would be for the developers to give us the option to issue each command a separate password than CMS uses to lock/protect it.

Due to Android restriction we are not support sms function.
We are porividing Web Anti theft support which allow user to connect their device wherever they want.
In case of stolen we have also guest login so you may connect with your friends phone as well.
If you want to wipe your device trough remote command you have to enter admins password as well.


I couldn’t see sms Comments at this app. If device not connected the internet we can’t find the device. In turkey mobile data is expensive and limited. So we often turn off mobile data.

Actually Comodo Anti Theft support web based service for connect lost or stolen device.
So users will find their device whereever they want.
Please visit:

But the thief can turn off data. I can set turn of mobile data. Somebady haven’t mobile data. In turkey we can’t connect mobile data somewhere. Please add sms Comments. It was very usefull.

Thanks for your feedback.
Currently we are not support SMS Remote Command. We will consider it.



One command would be very useful. One to activate data transfer. It would allow us to control device via web interface.
When logging to webinterface display info that your device is OFFLINE and in order to gain control send SMS message to it “connect_password”. From now then, CMS will activate Wi-Fi and mobile data connection.

Comodo Mobile Security 3.0 Release