Comodo Anti Theft is a secure application?

In the night i have the phone on a table near a PC speakers.
I can hear romours of radiation every 5 / 10 minutes.

This nigh i tried to remove Comodo Mobile Antivirus and Comodo Anti Theft and I have tried to replace with Avast Antivirus and Anti Theft.
The phone is more fast now and the radiation rumors seems to be less.

So the question is: is Comodo Anti Theft safe for users?
Or maybe Comodo Anti Theft look too much for phone position so this will cause more “radiation” to the user?

This is a question for the developers.
Maybe need to be tested.

This is my experience.
Also i like in Avast to see Wi-Fi tools who scan the Wi Fi for see if the Wi-Fi is secure or not, also router scan :slight_smile:
It’s a good idea and the phone seems to be more fast without Comodo Mobile Security.

So maybe you can think to test and make a better future version.
I love Comodo but now is about one month the Comodo Antivirus has a bug not already fixed but Comodo know this bug because i reported and will be relased in an unknow date.
Also the Antivirus software should be updated as soon a bug is fixed, is not frequent a software update in Comodo fo mobile.

Hope all this suggestions can be userfull for make Comodo Software better.

Update 14.49: Finnally also Avast have issues so i prefer to have back comodo, putted again comodo :slight_smile:

Actually we are working on new rlease very hardly. You will get nice features and better performance.
On the other hand our test team testing for app performance and connectivity. We do not find out any radiation problem. There are many kinds of test we already run on CMS.