Comodo Anti-Spam Creating Duplicate Emails In Thunderbird Mailbox

Helllo -

I have newly installed CAS because I have been happy with its system cleaner. I’ve also ust installed the anti-virus.

CAS is duplicating the emails into my Thunderbird account, driving me nuts! I’m getting hundreds of duplicates now.

Rather than follow my first impulse to just give up and uninstall, I’m hoping this forum will have the answer.What have I left out of the settings? I see nothing about it in the help menu.

Thank you from Catherine

PS -

It is also sending over the same ones it is holding in quarantine in the ‘awaiting’ state. before finding out what I want it to do. I know they are coming from Comodo because they are also duplicated.

Hi Catherine, welcome to the forums.

Can you check CAS accounts settings to see if any duplicate accounts were created when you installed the product. Did you add all your addressbook to you Safelist when you installed?

There are a few bugs in the current version but are some workarounds. See the Bug Reports part of this board.

Thankfully, a new release is due out soon. Was planned for May but will now be June.


Hi Eric -

I did install the address book and the two accounts on it were for two different emails, only one of which receives all those email newsletters etc. that were duplicated.

I finally gave up and uninstalled it late yesterday. Maybe I’ll try again another time.

Thank you for your response.


Just to add thatI have replicated this bug where the machine concerned is going into, then resuming from standby mode.

Does this match your sitution?

If so temporary workaround would be to disable standby in power management settings.