Comodo Anti-Spam 2.5 unstable after importing from a CSV file

I installed Comodo Anti-Spam 2.5 (CAS) and initially it seemed to work quite well. Then I imported all my white-listed addresses via a CSV file. After the import, I noticed in the authorisation database that two of my white-listed addresses had been duplicated hundreds of times, and CAS eventually froze and shut down. I was unable to restart CAS unless I rebooted my machine.

And when I restarted it and open the authorisation database it start the same behaviour again ie freezing and then shutting down.

I am running CAS on a Dell Dimension 9200 with due core with the O/S being Windows XP Professional SP3.

My experience with the Comodo internet security has been good so I am a bit disappointed with the anti-spam application.

Hi Andmel2001:

    There is a bug in impoting CSV files, I think a patch release will come soon and fix it ASAP.

Okay Junhua I will look forward to the patch because I do like using Comodo’s applications.

I had a similar problem with an email address imported from Outlook 2003. Kept on duplicating itself. CAS and Outlook, either for this or other reasons kept on shutting down. Was not possible to delete the email address from the authentication db.

So it’s not just CSV files that are affected, unless Outlook import is by CSV.

May be relevant that email address in question was second address for contact, & duplicated email address in brackets ‘display name’ and ‘display as’ email subfields as well as in the ‘email address’ subfield. Second email address had same main display name (portion outside brackets) as first display name.

Hope this helps