Comodo Anti-spam 2.10 problem [Solved]

I have installed Comodo Anti-Spam 2.10 and cannot receive any e-mail. I have an icon in my system tray of an open letter, or so it looks like and when moving the mouse over it the meesage I get is “Receiving message 1 of 35”. After about an hour it changed to “Receiving message 3 of 35”. I log into Outlook express and there is no new mail. I know there is mail to be received but nothing is comming through. I also went through the same thing with an earlier verion of anti-spam and thats the reason why I uninstalled it.
Any help would be appreciated…

I have running:
CFP D+ the latest
Avira Antivar premium the latest

Hi Donnyd:

   Comodo AntiSpam 2.x is not compatible with Avira Antivar premium, for its e-mail scanning function.
   For I have no this antivirus products,please try to disable e-mail scannning function in Avira Antivar premium.
   I use Avira Antivar personal and it works well with CAS2.1
   Hope this help!