COMODO Anti-Piracy Innovation

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Well ?, let’s cut into it

I love COMODO, and here are some whys

1-An ingenious way to compact Piracy:
there will be no cracks or serials along with all the malware that usually come with it to use against comodo, you pay for expert assistance and help< now how can you get a ■■■■■ for that >:-D otherwise a program fully supported is available to download for free, with I would say a 9.0 forum support,

an you know what??!! It really works, people will not need to do all of that illigal stupid thefting anymore, and they will ceratinly always need an expert hand to reach out for them, and they will be real happy to pay for COMODO’s TRUSTED expertise

2-Professional and futuristic view on how internet security should look like a head:
COMODO understand the security issues facing internet users and safety only too well; they started by making it possible for everyone to contribute to that goal by making them safe enough and their computers could be death traps to eliminate possible threats, .

3-Commercially practical and Humane approach:
not everyone can buy everyhthing they need, and certainly not recognizing this fact will not help in the battle for internet safety and use.
So they combined their vision and innovative ideas with their Human nature, Help but don’t go bankrupt.

4-great friendly and extremely effective measures to reach that goal:
Default-Deny approach, is justone example, easy effective, and just should make other software vendors scream " Now Why didn’t we THINK of that " but again , these Shylocks, are out for blood, so why would they think of such life saving tech. 88)

5-Everyone noticed how the CEO, is present always, to listen, interact, contribute to solving problems, and being just one of the guys …

6-These are just some of the Things that I thought are the formula for a successful software vendor, or any other company or business for that natter, and YOU GOUYS can help out mention some that I may have left out, or failed to mention and think is a COMODO Trade Mark