Comodo Announces Global Availability Of Latest Version Of Internet Security

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We would like to share with you the new release CIS 8.2 press announcement.

About Comodo’s Containment Technology

Comodo’s containment technology – built into CIS 8.2. - ensures that any unknown application that attempts to run on a consumer’s PC does so inside a virtual environment – without impact or disruption to the consumer. CIS 8.2 then isolates and analyzes all of the identified unknown files, destroys any malware or bad files, and allows good files to execute seamlessly.

Comodo’s containment technology has been battle tested in the most hostile of security environments – the endpoint – where consumers are constantly attacked with the threat of viruses, spam, and other forms of malware. Since the launch of Comodo Internet Security, Comodo introduced a $500 ‘virus-free’ guarantee to any consumer who gets infected using the product – with no valid claims to date.

New Features of CIS 8.2

An improved antivirus engine, which simplifies the performance and increases the protection for a consumer’s PC
A permanent “upgrade” button on the main user interface frame, allowing consumers to easily upgrade to Comodo Pro or Comodo Complete, whenever they want
Windows 10 Support, to complement current compatibility with Windows Vista and XP
Both Vietnamese and Romanian language support, which now makes 25 total languages supported by CIS

Foundational Technologies of CIS, Seamless to the User

All of Comodo’s Internet Security products – including Premium and Pro versions – include:

Patent Pending Containment Technology, which contains and runs any unknown files in an isolated environment preventing today’s threats instead of detecting yesterday’s
Default Deny Protection, where unknown files are automatically contained
Antivirus, which tracks down, isolates and destroys the malware a consumer’s old anti-virus may have missed, providing total protection
Anti-Spyware, which detects spyware threats and destroys each infection
Bot Protection, which prevents malicious software from turning a consumer’s PC’s into zombie machines used for cybercrime

Source: Comodo Announces Global Availability Of Latest Version Of Internet Security Software

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Good news! Still a lot got to be done. Keep up!

Still waiting for the automatic upgrade…

Glad to hear, v8.2 in my opinion is the best v8.x release!

The current beta version has thus far really impressed me.
Congrats, team :slight_smile:

Thank you all !

Looking forward to get your reviews!

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Hi, BuketB

Windows 10 Support, to complement current [u]compatibility with Windows Vista[/u] and XP
And what about it: [url=]Cis does not register with Vista Security Center[/url] ? Can confirm this issue.

And it’s free. Thank you Comodo! :slight_smile:

Hello Xeno,

Checking the issue you mentioned, will get back to you.

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Hi, ubuysa,

Thank you, thanks to all of our users , we are able to improve our product with the precious feedback of yours. Comodo is the one and only free internet security provider having 360 degrees protection in the market. We are doin’ our best to give you the best solution. :-TU

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