Comodo and x64 Vista Issues


Hey I’m having trouble with Comodo on 64-bit Windows Vista (Home Premium). I’ve had to reformat my computer 3 times after having Comodo on my 64-bit Vista version. (All updates were done on Vista). Here’s why and maybe these will be fixed later on:

  1. My computer would slow down and sometimes not even load up. E.g. I’d have to press the reset button on my computer 4-5 times before Windows would load - thought this was a HDD issue, but since I haven’t installed Comodo this problem has went away.
  2. Certain features like going into device manager and that wouldn’t load after I installed Comodo, and after uninstalling comodo it wouldn’t fix the issue. (reason for reformat)

Well I guess that’s all, if you guys know if these are current bugs, if you could let me know that’d be great. I haven’t tested this on 32-bit version, but for my 64-bit that’s what’s happening.


Shawn B. - Proud Comodo User (well will be once these issues are resolved)

Hi Shawn I’m using the latest CIS on Vista x64 with no problem. Make sure your download is not corrupted.
And some say turn off windows firewall when you have CIS running as they might conflict.

In my opinion only stable thing in 64-bit CIS under Vista is firewall part. D+ has some serious show stopper bug and AV part might have them too. I consider it as unstable and wouldn’t recommend people to use it before Comodo fixes these problems. Lots of problems posted in this thread: