Comodo and VMWare under Windows Vista


I have a problem. I have Windows Vista SP1 and using Comodo 3 the newest version. I also have installed VMWare. I have my virtual machines on a network drive from Buffalo. The directory has a share so I can use it via UNC from Windows. When I now start VMWare all the tabs of my virtual machines are opened. But this takes a long time. When I close Comodo everything is fine. I can see under the open connections in Comodo that there is a lot of traffic in svchost.exe when VMWare tries to open the tabs from my UNC-directory. Always the ip-address from my computer to my network-drive. But with a lots of different ports behind. So something is slowing down the start of the VMWare-program. When I than start a virtual machine, everything is fine. When I shut down the system within VMWare, it takes also a longer time until VMWare is available again.

Hope somebody can help.

Regards Gerd