Comodo and Visual Studio 2008 problem (crashing)


After installing comodo on my computer my Visual Studio crashes at opening project. I found out there are problems with the VS settings. If I set the VS2008 setting to default before opening project it works ok, otherwise problem appear.

I believe there is something problematic with %MY DOCUMENTS%\Visual Studio 2008\Settings folder…

Now, how to find out what is wrong?

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You Can Check With The Following Steps.

  1. Check After A Reset Of The Visual Studio Settings Using The Import And Export Settings Wizard
  2. If Issue Persists Try To Check After Disabling D+ Permanently.
  3. If The Issue Still Persists, Then Let Us Know Whats The Version Of CIS You Have Installed And Any Other Comodo Products On Your System Like Comodo Memory Firewall Or So.